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Gals that Give is an entertaining, engaging, inclusive gathering of local like-minded gals recognizing the need for community support, who share a passion for change, and are inspired and dedicated to make an immediate contribution by generously donating funds to alleviate these needs.

Making a Difference

Each member donates $100, four times per year, for a total donation of $400 annually, to local charities, non-profits and any organization in need serving Simcoe County. Itís simple and effective. At just one meeting, watch how a $100 individual commitment can turn into a $10,000 donation towards a worthy local cause. Thatís a total contribution of up to $40,000 annually, generously donated by members of Gals That Give to improve our community.

Gratitude in Giving

Meet Mandy

Today and every day, I am grateful.

I have an incredible community of love and support around me. I am blessed to have a wonderful job, close friendships to brighten the days, nourishing food in my belly, and a safe place to call home. There is love in my heart and I have an amazing tribe to share lifeís moments with.

Yet my life hasnít always been this easy. Like many of you, my journey thus far has been a mixture of elated highs and crushing lows. Hardships and healing. Love and loss.

Thereíve been many times that I desperately needed a helping hand, a listening ear, a healing touchÖa supportive tribe to help me through. And without that help thereís a chance I might not be here today.

In 2007, the loss of my twin boys Hayden and Caleb was a dark time. I struggled to get out of bed in the morning. I struggled to make it through the day without questioning my value, my life, my faults. For a long time, I felt an emptiness that I feared would never fade.

The only thing that pulled me out of this dark void was being of service to others.

Volunteering at the RVH Imaging Department was the only thing I could manage to do Ė physically, emotionally, spiritually Ė until my heart got some strength back. In giving to others, I began to find some peace. I started to heal and find strength in my time of need. I saw first-hand that the possibilities are endless when you have a strong support system and a helping hand.

One person can make a difference and I want to be that person for someone else. Itís time to give back.

Each day I have the opportunity to create positive change doing what I love, while continually growing, learning and giving back on a small scale. Finding ways to expand that impact has been on my mind and in my heart for a while now, and Iím excited to say that I have found an incredible giving platform capable of massive change.

Gals That Give is a dedicated tribe of local ladies making an immediate, direct and positive effect in our community.

Being of service to others has given me the opportunity to witness time and again how profoundly our local resources and charities can impact lives Ė my own included. And I know there are many other women in our community who feel the same way.

Iíve sat on my intentions for years and now itís time to put them into action. Iím ready to turn these lessons into gifts to share with others. Iím committed to becoming an agent of transformation. And Iím teaming up with a tribe of giving gals who are ready to ignite a fire of positive action within our community.

Gals That Give is that tribe, Are you in?

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